The Future of User Experience (UX) Mapping Tools

2014 provided me with a great opportunity to discover myself.d

I took an inventory of content myself, and discover the idea of “tool making of myself”. and, cried involuntarily “selling pickaxes in a gold rush.”

So, My first lesson is “UX Mapping Tool” reserach and development.


For instance, for ethnography fieldwork (by observation), researchers need to manage photographs and memos. They regularly use Post-Its at workshops.

In 2014, 3M Company released Post-It Plus app. This app allows the digital management of virtual Post-Its. However, although you can leave a discussion log, it has to be cleaned up for use.

With online tools like InVision that use chat “LiveShare”, there is something missing in terms of fidelity to the target product and users’ familiarity with this sort of service, so using it for the purposes above would be difficult.

So, in these solutions users not satisfied. so, I thought we try to develop it.

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observation and workshop

Service Design Tools?

At the Service Design Global Conference 2014, the developers of Experience fellow (myService fellow) distributed a trial version. In terms of mapping tools, smaply is the classic example of a tool that allows for persona creation and stakeholder mapping. However, the biggest issue is that users do not understand how to interact with this sort of tool and come to grips with it.

In this case, the same issue as seen in Touchpoint Dashboard is being repeated over and over again. Tools that require users to fill in the blanks to complete a project are not cool.

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Experience fellow
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Touchpoint Dashboard

DMP Tool?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a wide array of features for the US market, but its features are limited in Japan. It functions as a sort of e-mail marketing tool (CRM). It includes the Journey Builder function, but this tool is too feature-rich and is difficult to use. That’s a system flowchart tool like Responsys.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Research and development

Seeking to alleviate the issues above, we planned the UX Recipe (tentative title) tool, a product that allows for the simple creation of journey maps.

The core concept is to allow users to see their activity first and foremost, up-front. Cards can be combined and rearranged to smoothly create a journey map.

These journey maps can then be shared. Cards (activities) can also be added to these maps. As touchpoints increase, the tool remains highly responsive and allows for the creation of new journey maps. A mobile app allows for continuous connectivity on the go, and it synchs with the web app.

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UX Recipe UI Sample

This project has been underway as an R&D venture since last year under the auspices of Netyear Group Corporation. We plan to release a limited version this spring.

We will continue updating with the latest news and details.

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