UX Recipe Beta Registration Begins

The registration page for the beta version of “UX Recipe,” has opened! This tool allows the user to easily create journey maps still in the research and development stage, and we would first like everyone to try using it and to let us know what you think. We invite you to register.

UX Recipe

There are a variety of issues in the process of creating journey maps, and currently there are few dedicated online tools. Many of these dedicated tools are expensive and seem to have an unnecessarily high threshold. We felt that this should be much easier and so went on to design this tool.

R&D of UX mapping tools

In addition, the customer journey maps and scenarios we make from normal proposals and plans where we cannot devote much time are always being re-made from scratch. The format is also always different. The knowledge of behavior patterns and the thought process in journey maps cannot be passed on to anyone. In this golden age of digital, can this not be done more efficiently? With that thought in mind, too, we made it so journey maps can be saved and shared, and people can re-use these created journey maps.

And yet, though we say customer journey maps, we do not anticipate this tool to only be used by specialists. Instead, for behavior patterns and everyday life, we anticipate it to be used in cases where, in telling a story, it has become easier to express and share. You could even call this visual storytelling.

What is UX Recipe?

This is a tool for connecting cards and creating your own story. Cards express activities (behaviors), and icons can be chosen. By connecting these cards, it is possible to create scenarios (this is where we call it a recipe).

For more on screen images and using the tool, please watch the video.

a guide of ux recipe app video
  • Create stories (recipes) by choosing cards
  • Decide emotion curves and choose elements
  • Use everyone’s recipes and build more efficiently
  • Export images and use them in proposals

Mobile App

Taking precedence, we are planning to move forward with the mobile app also prototyped for a general launch. Things noticed in everyday life can be combined with photographs and be made into cards. And by connecting those cards to the web app, it is possible to change the journey maps into more attractive items.

Beta Community

We are looking for individuals among those registering to be involved in our beta community. We will announce more on this at a later date.

Starting last month, we started an internal beta community and have been exchanging opinions. We have received comments on bugs of course, as well as user-friendliness and opinions on types of cards.

First, we would like everyone to try using the beta version. We will work toward making it an even better product while receiving your various comments.

Our Partners

Although we have just begun, we received support from various partners, including Netyear Group, who created an environment in which we could move freely, from this tool’s conception (fantasy?) to its creation.

Therefore, we would like to use this space to show our appreciation. Thank you. And thank you for your continued support through the formal launch.

Future Announcements

We will send the latest information about UX Recipe by email to everyone who has registered. We will also make announcements on this blog and on social media, so please check for updates.
To start, we are planning a workshop this summer on using this tool and we hope many of you can attend.

Thank you for using UX Recipe.

UX Recipe’s Logo

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